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A set of procedures for the inclusion of a commodity unit in the exchange list

Creating a showcase of commodities on the exchange, systematizing information on the traded commodity and assigning a specific seller to it. This is an additional sales channel, expansion of the customer base.

Listing preferences

Listing of an exchange commodity guarantees the best conditions for transactions for the purchase of any commodity for both sellers and buyers.

Secure Transaction

A convenient and secure trading process that guarantees the successful execution of a transaction through the exchange's Clearing Center.

Acceleration of commodity-money turnover

Due to the automated algorithm, there is a quick interaction of all processes aimed at the accelerated movement of money and goods.

Sales standardization

Implementing a comprehensive process to provide a convenient and elaborate algorithm for listing of a commodity and its subsequent sale.

Digitalization of sales

The use of modern sales tools will make it easy to execute trades directly between producers and buyers, no matter where they are located.

Exchange compliance

Сonstant monitoring of compliance with all rules and regulations of exchange trading and ensuring equal access for both sellers and buyers, fair pricing and guarantee of execution of transactions.

The process of listing a commodity

The sequential process of listing of an exchange commodity includes several steps

Concluding a brokerage service contract
Client’s registration on the exchange (assigning a trading account, opening of an accounting register)
Providing information on the commodity to the broker
Submitting an application to the exchange for the opening of an exchange instrument
Opening of an exchange specification and assigning a code
Submitting an announcement about conducting trades on the website of the Commodity Exchange
Depositing the guarantee collateral into the account of the exchange's Clearing Center
Submitting an application to the broker for placing an order in the exchange trading system
Placing an order in the exchange trading system
Concluding an exchange transaction
Submitting a report on the execution of the exchange transaction to the Client
Concluding the Contract
Execution of the Contract
Unlocking the guarantee collateral

Open Listings

Exchange commodities added by listing
Crushed stone
Fuel oil

Any commodity is available for export

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