FB Capital
FB Capital
Leading commodity broker of Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 10 years
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Kazakhstan’s only international commodity broker
Kazakhstan’s only international commodity broker
Accreditation and trading on commodity exchanges of Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan
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More than 1 trillion tenge of turnover
More than 1 trillion tenge of turnover
In the procurement of subsoil users, coal, gas, gasoline, wheat, greenhouse gas
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Optimizing budget and increasing profitability of the company from 10 to 25%
Individual approach to client tasks
Reduction in procurement lead time of 1-8 business days
Optimized workflow

We have saved more than 199,500,000 tenge of purchase money for our clients and partners


We present the most advantageous offers from the supplier and accompany you throughout

Number of active resident suppliers at «FB Capital» auctions more than 6 000
Number of active non-resident suppliers at «FB Capital» auctions more than 250

Supplier Geography - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, USA, EU countries, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Chile, South Africa

For our clients
Two trading platforms
Legitimacy and transparency of transactions
Personal Manager and Certified Broker
Work with the market leader
Work with the market leader

FB Capital has been a registered and certified ETC exchange since 2011 broker and meets the exchange’s defined evaluation criteria. FB Capital is a professional trader.

  • The client first.

We solve business problems in the sphere of our expertise and build long-term relations with our clients on the basis of individual approach and a high degree of confidentiality.

  • Confidence backed by experience.

All contracts implemented with our help comply with the principles of transparency, legitimacy and reliability and are executed in accordance with the antimonopoly complement.

  • Focus on Quality.

Our activities are based on the principles of independence, openness and high quality of service. A strong corporate culture guarantees a long-term approach and responsibility, and one of the leading analytical teams ensures an independent and objective approach to the tasks.

  • Above and beyond expectations.

For more than 10 years we have maintained the highest quality standards and exceeded expectations. The work of FB Capital team supports the business leadership of our clients.